Membrane Bioreactor

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Our global Agency partner, AWT Water treatment, is the distributor of Sumitomo Poreflon membranes within Europe. Poreflon offers a wide range of filter applications for the separation, purification and concentration of water, such as waste water treatment and water purification.

In conventional activated sludge processing, solid-liquid separation is performed in a settling tank prior to the water moving to the bioreactor tank. 

Using a MBR system eliminates the requirement for a settling tank as the process is completed within the Membrane Module. High MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) concentrations can be maintained, and 100% separation of SS (suspended solids) larger than the membrane pore diameter is achieved. Settling of sludge associated with traditional systems can be difficult to control, as compared with MBR systems not requiring this process step.

Traditional systems require suspended solids of less than 5mg/l to allow the solids to settle, the MBR system can operate within suspended solids ranges of 3mg/l to 15 mg/l. 

Clear treated water is obtained as the pore diameter of the membrane is smaller than the bacteria. (eg: colon bacillus). This treated water is then capable of such applications as (grey water, irrigation etc).
Use of the MBR System offers numerous advantages for existing facilities requiring expansion, AWT has completed numerous capacity upgrades by converting existing traditional water treatment facilities to MBR systems thus increasing the capacity of an existing plant greatly reducing capital expenditure.


Membrane Bioreactor - Water Gas Renew
Using PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and durability, we have developed a porous separation membrane making the best use of our unique processing techniques and created the POREFLON MODULES for waste water treatment systems. This product features various characteristics, such as high strength and high permeability. In addition, it can be cleaned with various chemicals, and is easy to handle. Thanks to the effect of hydrophilic surface treatment. As a result, the product can be used in a wide variety of waste water treatment applications.