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WaterGasRenew specialises in carbon reduction strategies.
Our strength is our ability to provide solutions for both your immediate and longer term goals.


At WGR we believe in a future where industry and the environment can positively co-exist.

We are a dedicated team of experts providing integrated end-to-end engineering solutions for industrial organisations wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their processes using clean technologies

Not only are we solving environmental compliance issues for these companies but we help them run more efficiently, which is a great outcome for their bottom-line and for the future of our planet.

What is Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation refers to reducing the amount of carbon emitted. More specifically, it is reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, such as methane and carbon dioxide, with the ultimate aim of eliminating these emissions from our modern lives.

A decarbonisation pathway is a set of tangible steps taken by an enitity to reduce its carbon emmissions, involving the deployment of clean technologies, proven carbon reduction practices and committment from all recognised stakeholders in achieving the defined targets.

WGR's Decarbonisation Process

Determine site specific decarbonisation goals and targets. Consider existing organisation polices and strategies. Provide observations on the methodology and tangible project deliverables

Scope The Project

Define the site processes, waste streams, supply and value chains, energy & water usage and needs. Identify existing plant and technology

Map The Site

Review existing inventories, define and validate scope emmissions profile, identify the target areas of most value

Prepare Carbon Footprint

Access WGR database & colaborative partners to identify, evaluate, rank and select best technical and financially justified solution.
Assess risk and effective control measures

Evaluate & Select technology options

Assist owners team prepare the investment justification supported by technical and financial analysis, with project delivery strategy

Prepare Business Case

Identify and coordinate the necessary government approvals, licensing and development applications to enable the project to proceed

Applications, licensing & approvals

Procurement of technologies, freight and logistics

Technology Procurement & Logistics

Project management (administration, installation, commissioning and performance testing)

Project Management

Technical Support, training, maintenance, operating plans,

Technical Support of Equipment

Clients & Collaborators