Our Environmental Responsibility

At WGR we believe in a better future. A future where industry and the environment can positively co-exist. For the longevity of both, we need to focus on creating a circular economy, an economy where both feed into the other to create
better outcomes for people and the planet. In our everyday work we are committed to supporting our clients in creating
smart and efficient solutions for eliminating, cleaning or recycling fugitive water and gas. It’s a process that helps to ensure
industry does not negatively impact the environment.

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Clean Energy Solutions

WGR provide assistance to companies embarking on reducing their GHG Emissions. We provide options for numerous applications of environmental monitoring systems as well as assisting with GHG measurement, reporting and verification.

Equipment, Parts & Support
Equipment, Parts & Support
Purpose built automatic filter assembly for NSW underground Coal Mine to filter process water to longwall equipment to 40um” cleanliness level

WGR can provide assistance with equipment, spare parts and

R&D Product Development

Coming soon in 2021 exciting new innovative product for automated condensate removal in the gas industry