About Our Mining Gas Systems

Depending on the coal seam characteristics, methane gas can be generated as a result of underground coal production. Local environmental requirements often dictate that methane gas be destructed before it is emitted to the atmosphere.​

The Hofstetter flaring system is able to burn methane gas concentration from 20 vol. % up to 95 vol. %, the limiting factor for low methane contents is the oxygen level, gas mixtures have to be processed outside the explosion triangle of methane gas.​

Underground coal extraction often involves variables which can influence the methane gas volumes and concentration levels. 

These include but are not limited to such things as;

  • Mining methods
  • Rates of extraction
  • Depth of cover
  • Coal composition
  • Gas type pre & post drainage
  • Variances in different mining domains on a specific lease
  • Interconnection with seams above and below the seam being mined
  • Impacts of surface constraints regarding location of infrastructure etc.

The Hofstetter range of mobile gas flares provides for remote deployment and immediate control of peak gas requirements generated by high productivity mining methods such as longwall mining, without losing the ability to interface with fixed base load installations. Our unique “plug and play features” allows us to offer flexibility, lower capital options and staged whole of mine solutions setting us apart from our competitors.