About Our Landfill Gas Systems

Modern landfill gas technology for degassing systems, landfill gas utilisation and flaring is an integral part of our core business. Our systems focus on the best use of gas technology are put together to suit the specific needs of our customers. Hofstetter can provide modular treatment systems tailored to the site.

Specific needs including;

About Landfill Gas

Landfill sites are filled with waste, methane gas is a by-product of the decomposing waste material. Landfill gas consists of approximately 20% – 50% methane, the remaining gases being carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.  

Factors determining the amount of gas and the performance of the site include;

Landfill gas is collected from within the waste dump via a number of vertical wells. A surface network of pipelines transports the gas to the gas treatment facility.  The treated landfill gas is burnt via gas engines to generate electricity or destructed via the flare system