DustGuard™ -

A powerful new technology platform designed to keep machinery and operators safe from the harmful effects of dust

DustGuard™ -

Why DustGuard™?

The DustGuard™ System protects engines operating in severe environments from premature wear and catastrophic failure by warning operators and maintenance supervisors when inlet air is contaminated with abrasive particles.

DustGuard™ allows for real time monitoring of induction air purity and bridges the gap between preventative maintenance cycles where induction air system leaks are typically found.

How does DustGuard™ work?

The DustGuard™ System utilises state of the art optical sensing technologies to analyze engine combustion air for the presence of harmful particles. Measurement is based on laser diffraction principles and the system uses advanced algorithms to assure high precision for different particle sizes.

Who can use DustGuard™?

The DustGuard™ System is available to all markets using machinery with engines operating in challenging environments including mining, construction, agriculture, forestry and more.

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DustGuard™ -

A powerful new tool designed to keep operators safe from the harmful effects of dust inhalation... and much more.

DustGuard™ -

WaterGasRenew Pty Ltd Authorised Master Distributor of DustGuard in Australia and Indonesia