Leachate Trailer

Leachate Trailer Water Gas Renew - Industrial Water and Gas Treatment Services

The WGR mobile leachate trailer was designed and manufactured for a major global resource management and recycling company to assist in the management of leachate media from a large landfill facility. The trailers have the ability to be remotely controlled and powered via the site electrical system. In event of power loss or when deployed in remote locations an onboard diesel generator set provides the power supply. These trailers carry enough onboard diesel fuel for 60 continuous run hours. The trailers have onboard and remote diagnostics and provide in Realtime (flow, pressure, generator operating status). The variable drive pumps offer the ability to dial in required flow. The trailers are self-braking and carry RTA VIN registration. 

For details contact WGR at sales@watergasrenew.com.au