About Our Industrial Gas Systems

The safe and efficient destruction of waste gases is essential to industry. Numerous applications require the ability to destruct waste gas such as industrial processes, wood and petrochemical. Gas treatment systems treating gases such as VOC gas, pyrolysis gas, wood gas, flue gas, benzene gas, can be installed. Should these systems become unavailable the gas must still be destructed. This is why many industries around the world have partnered with Hofstetter to install flare systems as the main method of disposing waste gas or as a backup system should the primary treatment system be unavailable due to breakdown, planned maintenance and outages.

The successful deployment of industrial flares around the globe has been based on our delivery model being;

  • Understanding the specific application, performance and functional requirements
  • Stringent design and compliance review and verification process
  • Rigorous safety in design and compliance assessment
  • Quality manufacturing and factory exit testing process
  • Detailed installation and commissioning programs, risk based and executed by competent personnel
  • Operational preparedness and handover planning
  • Life cycle maintenance strategy
  • Detailed operational and maintenance training
  • Comprehensive machine safety file and associated documentation
  • Ongoing technical after sales support

Explore our Industrial flare selection for specific design and performance features that include;

  • Automatic temperature control - combustion temperature 1,000 - 1,200 degrees C
  • Controlled combustion within concealed and insulated combustion chamber
  • Defined residence time > 3 or 0.3 sec
  • Burner management and control system
  • Flame arrestor and fail safe shut device
  • Support Gas Burners